A young mother bumps into an unusual person on the street only to be transported to another dimension… A very short film – at 60 seconds long, it’s still full of fun sci-fi horror. Enjoy: This film was created specifically for the Film Riot short film challenge for November 2017! The only rules were that it had to be 60 seconds long and scored with Filmstro. This was a lot of fun to do, so expect to see more stuff like this coming up. Read More
OJPS  is always expanding it’s reach – now you can find us on Google+, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, Twine, and Behance among others! If it exists, it’s likely we’re there. Make sure you follow us on your favourite social media site so you don’t miss any of the exciting big things that are coming up down the pipe: http://facebook.com/ojpstudios Tweets by ojpstudios http://youtube.com/ojpstudios http://youtube.com/ojpstudiosmusic https://www.twine.fm/ojpstudios https://plus.google.com/+Ojpstudios http://behance.net/ojpstudios Read More
Most of this month was spent shooting the music video for “Stalker” (by our artist DEROSNEC), which involved being on location on a decommissioned ferry boat in Mission, BC. A very cool spot, though a fairly difficult one to shoot in. In any case, it went off without a hitch and we got some really awesome footage! I’ll be editing it this week and will hopefully have something before November happens. Check out some of the behind the scenes photos! Thanks to Dallas at VMFX for providing these: Read More

Site Upgrade

February 02, 2012 Nina News tags: redesign, update, website 35 comments
It was about time for a fresh look! This site is way more organized and clear, and shows off my work in a fresh and clean way. I hope that you find it enjoyable and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any issues that you may have! Read More
Whew! I feel like it’s been a while. It has certainly been an interesting year so far. haha! In any case, Stressbusters Episode 4 is now up and running, so be sure to check that out. Also if you missed it, DEROSNEC’s website has been completely revamped. She’ll be updating it and handing out some free tunes while people are waiting for the new album, so keep your ears open for that. Otherwise, I’ll be editing away on Citizen Marc through April! Read More
At long last, you can now buy Fairy Tale Square Video Books, Vol. 1 direct from Amazon! Teach and entertain your kids with classic stories illustrated by yours truly 😀 Here’s a direct link to the amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0040ZNE8G/ref=pe_5140_17013260_snp_dp And here’s the official Fairy Tale Square site: http://fairytalesquare.com I can guarantee that your kids will love this video. Targeted to kids aged 3-8, new and classic stories are told through a storyteller and aided by fun illustrations. It’s like Reading Rainbow but actually entertaining! There’s also a fun “how to draw” video class on the DVD, to encourage your kids to practice their own drawing skills! Read More
Added my latest motion graphics production to the Motion Graphics section, where we’ve done a commercial/promo video for Knotty Boy Dreadlock Products. I’ve posted the commercial version here on Oh Just Peachy Studios, but you can see the working promo on their website or on Knotty Boy’s Youtube channel! Also in the works… Just finished shooting the first 2/3 of Model M‘s new music video entitled”Mindflow” to help promote his new album The Eagle. the last 1/3 is set to shoot next week, then we’ll get editing! Not to mention that the first three episodes of “Stressbusters” with the Westgate Wellness Group are almost complete! Keep your eyes open for a whole slew of new material from Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions! Read More
I’m happy to working with Francis Testa Productions as Senior Illustrator for Fairy Tale Square. I’ve posted a selection of brand new images from the stories that I’m illustrating in the Illustration section! You can also find me there soon hosting some lessons for little kids and starting to draw site here. Check it out and enjoy! Read More
Introducing the new OJPS: Music site, your one stop band shop for all your music and media needs! http://music.ojpstudios.com Check out the music from some up and coming artists, support them by buying their music, and maybe get some other cool schwag, too! Read More