Whew! I feel like it’s been a while. It has certainly been an interesting year so far. haha! In any case, Stressbusters Episode 4 is now up and running, so be sure to check that out. Also if you missed it, DEROSNEC’s website has been completely revamped. She’ll be updating it and handing out some free tunes while people are waiting for the new album, so keep your ears open for that. Otherwise, I’ll be editing away on Citizen Marc through April! Read More
Added my latest motion graphics production to the Motion Graphics section, where we’ve done a commercial/promo video for Knotty Boy Dreadlock Products. I’ve posted the commercial version here on Oh Just Peachy Studios, but you can see the working promo on their website or on Knotty Boy’s Youtube channel! Also in the works… Just finished shooting the first 2/3 of Model M‘s new music video entitled”Mindflow” to help promote his new album The Eagle. the last 1/3 is set to shoot next week, then we’ll get editing! Not to mention that the first three episodes of “Stressbusters” with the Westgate Wellness Group are almost complete! Keep your eyes open for a whole slew of new material from Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions! Read More