A stop-motion and VFX heavy politically charged video piece. Everything by Nina Helene Hirten. Home http://modelm.bandcamp.com Read More
Model M‘s latest album is getting a great response, and I daresay a lot of it has to do with the videos we’ve been making for him! Check out this new, hypnotic, and slightly terrifying video we made for his latest single, Year of the Rabbit, from his new album The Eagle. Read More
Check out more Model M and his high energy music at http://modelm.com! It’s like a weird mix of Prodigy, Lords of Acid, and Nine Inch Nails. This song, Mindflow, will be on his upcoming album “The Eagle” which is currently in mastering. Full Production! Model M is also a member of the Oh Just Peachy Studios Music Collective. Read More
Terrance’s band, Model M, needed a video to represent his first two albums from the 1990s, so we dug up a bunch of his old footage and did our best to make it entertaining to watch. I think we managed to pull it off.. If the kitsch doesn’t get you then the energy will! Read More